Gumdale Tavern: About Us

Good times, great food, familiar faces for our customers


Here at Gumdale Tavern, we want you to have a good time! In doing so, get to know more about us and why we’re dedicated to provide our customers with the best quality food, dining environment and social experience in Brisbane. Get some insight on what makes Gumdale Tavern great!


At Gumdale Tavern, we love food! Get to taste our wide selection of fresh and delectable dishes. Our modern and contemporary Australian menu is diverse and vibrant. There’s great salads, light wraps, succulent meat dishes and mouth-watering desserts. It’s just perfect to suit all tastes. So, come and enjoy our ambiance and delicious food that It simply can’t be beat.


We provide top quality service at Gumdale Tavern. Your comfort is our number one priority. There are outstanding options, in which guests can choose where they want to be served. From ordering a meal at the counter to having a drink or two, Gumdale Tavern practices the expert service of catering to your every need. We’ve also provided kid-friendly spaces where kids can feel just as much entertained while their parents are busy eating. You can even host a function by contacting our function team.

Here at Gumdale Tavern, our services are extensive, flexible, fast and efficient.


Find out all the latest and additional highlights Gumdale Tavern has to offer. In addition, you can get updated feeds on what’s to come with the pub-style establishment and share the excitement! Certain news and details about Gumdale Tavern gets to be updated and featured on here.


Out of the walls of Gumdale Tavern and into our local community. Working and supporting our local community is our priority. Do you have a local organization that you’d like us to support? There are different ways in which you can become involved. By running marathons, charity events, lucky draws and other competitions, Gumdale Tavern can help you achieve that. Get in touch with us to learn more on how you can be a part of Gumdale Tavern’s local community organization. It’s that simple.

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