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A new name and a new Look – Same great food and familiar faces

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Our Menu Specials

Take a look at our wide array of menu specials fit for every customer. From light dishes to hearty meals and decadent desserts, be sure to tantalize your taste buds and experience the best of what Gumdale Tavern has to offer. Come! Try out our mouth-watering specials that will leave you wanting more!

Bring your family and friends
on board to share the experience. Sit back and enjoy the social atmosphere with Gumdale Tavern’s newest restaurant additions but with an awesome touch!

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Our menus are fashioned to suit the taste buds of every customer. There’s a wide selection of flavors for you to explore! Our menu provides a range of light dishes, hearty meals, and mouthwatering desserts, which are all affordable and delicious.


Our cutting-edge promotions are carefully designed to display a variety of fresh social dishes that our guests can be left satisfied. There’ll be a showcase of different specialty dishes and activities for everyone to join in on the experience. We also provide kid-friendly promotions so that the kids can join in on the fun.

At Gumdale Tavern, we ensure that every customer is part of our family.


Create an unforgettable occasion with our function team at Gumdale Tavern. We understand that a lot of hard work can sometimes be stressful when it comes to finding a venue, food and entertainment when planning a function. Our function team provides expert assistance towards creating the perfect occasion for you so that you don’t have to do all the work! Save time on planning and get in touch with us for more information. Our function team will assist you further…

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